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Update! Went to CCO(cosmetic Company outlet) yesterday… I was suppose to upload this yesterday but I was too lazy and the lighting was pretty bad for photography.

Anyway I got:

MAC lash # 42(Lash & Dash Collection) This is my favorite MAC lashes

Laugh Alot which is a Lustre from MAC Spring Colour Forecast Collection

Creme Cerise which is a Lustre as well… But this one is from MAC cult of Cherry collection.

If I go back to CCO I might pick a few more lashes I could stock and also eyeshadows… Saw a couple of mineralized eyeshadow duos there from the past collections and also a couple of beauty powders from Rose Romance but I was really drawn to the lipsticks and lashes I got. I’ll update as much as I can here in my blog and posts looks… I’ll answer make up, hair, nails and beauty related question on my question link.(every Monday in one post) Have a good one guys!

Posted on October/4/2010
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