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MAC Haul “Venomous Villain Collection" more photos of the EVENT HERE. If you know me I’m a huge sucker for lipsticks, blushes and beauty powder!!! They have a bunch of interesting colors in this collection but some of them were just kinda too old looking for me. I wasn’t even crazy about the packaging, its ughhh super shiny like the “Naked Honey collection” with a print of the particular disney villain. Well I can always de-pot them anytime I want, I went there to shop for the main products not the packaging. *WINK*

I got all of Cruella De Vil’s Lipsticks!!!

This one caught my eyes “Innocence, Beware!” (Cremesheen) Its a baby pink color with some wearable small speckles of glitters. Its super pretty!!!

2nd lipstick from the character Cruella De Vil was a red lipstick named “Heartless” (Amplified). I love this one because its so smooth and you can build the color from medium to full coverage. And who can’t resist MAC’s vanilla scented products???

Lets go on to blushes and Beauty powder!!!

I only got one blush and its from the Evil Queen! Because I think I already have way too much peach blushes and some of the blushes from this collection are really dark and old looking for me… More like “Contour products”, I don’t know but that’s just how I see it. So the blush that I got is named “Bite of an Apple” Its a gorgeous coral red and another plus because its MATTE! Love love love this one!

I got one beauty powder! From the character Malificent of sleeping beauty! Named  “Briar Rose” its a plum colored powder. I love beauty powders from MAC because there so freaking smooth!!! It glides effortless on my skin! It maybe a lil pricy compare to MAC blushes but HELLO? Its on a bigger pan that could last you a lifetime and the fact that its multipurpose. Foo you are sold to me! Beauty powders reminds me of super silky smooth MAC eyeshadows, definitely loved!

Well this one is permanent eyeshadow color “Charcoal Brown”… Because I’m on a look out for a really decent color for my eyebrow. I’ll try this out hopefully it compliments my hair LOL. I was actually choosing between MAC’s “Expresso” and this one but I chose this one since its lighter and matte.

Last thing I got is my 5th bottle of MAC’s Gently off eye and lip make up remover.

If you guys have any question regarding this haul or any product let me know! Have a good one everyone! Much love -Anz

Posted on September/22/2010
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